Ordinary Portland Cement - OPC (Bulk / Bag) as per American ASTM, British BS, European EN etc as well as national SASO standards. Sulphate Resisting Cement – SRC   (Bulk / Bag) as per American ASTM, British BS, European EN etc as well as national SASO standards. Finishing Cement  (Bag) as per AmTo review and register in the Vendor List of Eastern Province Cement Co. Procurement Policy, the potential Vendors are requested to provide following information's regarding Financial and Technical capabilities to perform service, to supply materials spare parts, equipment's etc.

  • Company Profile with your countries authorization for doing such business, Membership to Quality System,
  • Company  profile  with  Commercial  Registration  No., copy of valid Zakat Certificate, Chamber of  Commerce  Registration No., Membership to any Quality System like SASO / ISO / API /etc.
  • National and International Business awards if available
  • Appreciation and customer satisfaction letter from rebutted customers
  • Certificate showing you are not doing business with countries boycotted by Arab Union.
  • List of products, services that can be provided with catalogues and supportive documents.
  • Authorization letter from Original Manufacturer in case of Traders / Agents.
  • List of References in Saudi Arabia, Middle East countries and in other countries if any.
  • Company Balance Sheet for the last 3 year
  • Bank Details
  • Availability of skilled manpower, equipment's etc..
  • Location / site map of your activities.

The required information to be provided in the designated space of the requalification forms available in the listed below links if applicable and additional pages can also be attached, by type- written for legibility. Information furnished by your Company will be treated as confidential. Completed Pre-Qualification Documents shall be either sent by Post / Courier Service / by hand in two copies to the following address:

Dammam, King Fahad Road.(Dammam - Khobar Highway), P.O. BOX 4536, DAMMAM - 31412 KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA.
TEL: 00966 13 - 8812222 - Ext.4501, 4527 & 4524 FAX: 00966 13- 8812000